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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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Big Sky Country (Hqn)

Big Sky Country - Linda Lael Miller Joslyn Kirk knows it will be difficult to move back to her home town. She had been raised the rich stepdaughter by a man who ended up swindling many people of their life savings. Returning years after a midnight run from the own, she wants to right the wrongs of her stepfather. Meeting up with Sheriff Slade Barlow, Joslyn is once again stuck by all that she has missed out in life trying to correct someone else's misdeeds. Slade had always had a hard life. The unclaimed bastard of a rich man, he grew up in the shadow of his father. He had a younger half brother he could never acknowledge. An brief marriage and a fiesty stepdaughter added to the mix. Having Joslyn come back to town, he wanted to finally fulfill his own dreams. A nice story. A little slow at times, but lots of people to meet. Well written.

Undone by Her Tender Touch (Harlequin Desire)

Undone by Her Tender Touch - Maya Banks Pippa Langley falls for Cam Hollingsworth. Hard. Even though she knew from the get go it was a one-night-stand, no attachments, no continuations, she wanted him. Cam does not do feelings. He has a very strict, sex - yes, commitment - no. He already lost his wife and newborn son to a tragedy, he was never going to feel again. I can understand not wanting to feel the pain and hurt Cam had suffered. I really did not like Pippa. It made no sense to me why you would not ask "What happened?" when Cam told her about the loss of his young family. I felt she was too angry. The story was just ok for me.

First Time Lucky? (Harlequin Presents Extra)

First Time Lucky? - Natalie Anderson Roxie missed out on all the teenaged adventures in life while caring for her grandparents. After their death, she decides to list each achievement and enjoy a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Finding herself with a very sexy new tenant, she decides Gabe is perfect for the job of ending her virginity. Gabe Hollingworth has had enough of young, push women. Finding himself with a young, vibrant and desirable woman as a landlord, he tries to stop from claiming her. Her tries to resist, but there is just something incredibale about her that keeps him coming back. Overall, I thought it was just OK.

The Sheikh's Heir (Harlequin Presents)

The Sheikh's Heir - Sharon Kendrick A nice enough story. Sheikh Hassan Al Abbas does not like the family, but Ella Jackson seems to be a glorified party girl. Of course, sleeping with her might have been a mistake, but finding out she is carrying his heir makes him determined to have her. Ella can not help what family she has been born in to. She doesn't always fit in, but family IS family. Having Hassan talk trash about them within her hearing should have ended everything, but being with him feels so right.

After the Greek Affair (Harlequin Presents Extra)

After the Greek Affair - Chantelle Shaw A nice, romantic story. Loukas Christakis will do anything to protect his sister. Knowing her wedding dress maker had runoff with her money, Loukas is determined to make sure that Belle Andersen knows the score. He is going to watch her ever move. Belle has much to prove. Having been browbeaten by the man she learned late in life was not her true father, she is determined to make her fledling company a success. Having Loukas constantly watching her every move, she struggles to keep her business side separate from the personal side.

Long Road Home (Harlequin Blaze)

Long Road Home - Vicki Lewis Thompson Wyatt Locke has returned to the Last Chance Ranch. Unannounced, and uncertain how his half brother will take this unexpected visit, Wyatt finds himself playing cowboy and waiting for Jack's homecoming. Finding Olivia Sedgewick stranded along the road to the ranch, he sweeps her in to his arms, and she ends up all the way in to his heart. Olivia finds herself attracted to the very, very sexy Wyatt. Having already ended three engagements, she is not sure she can risk herself, or her eccentric father, and believe in his fulfilling her dreams. Very well written. Just enough of the followup on everyone involved so you can feel the full story.

The Man Who Saw Her Beauty: The Man Who Saw Her BeautyThe Loner's Guarded Heart (Harlequin Romance)

The Man Who Saw Her Beauty: The Man Who Saw Her BeautyThe Loner's Guarded Heart - Michelle Douglas Having once been the beauty queen and the fashion model, Blair is trying to get her life back together after struggling with breast cancer. While trying to prove she was all better and fully recovered, she helps teens deal with a pagent she herself had won years before. Trying to present a brave face, she ignores the questioning glances of others and faces down the one man who treats her as a woman. Nick lived the life of having someone he loved totally devoted to the beauty circuit. The death of his wife had left him raising their daughter alone and a bitter taste for beauty queens. Finding himself attracted to Blair is not what he wants. The fact that Blair has cancer, and still has to face it and the results are significant. They are dealt with very nicely.

The Man Who Saw Her Beauty: The Man Who Saw Her BeautyThe Loner's Guarded Heart (Harlequin Romance)

The Man Who Saw Her Beauty: The Man Who Saw Her BeautyThe Loner's Guarded Heart - Michelle Douglas Josie was hopeful that the vacation her half-brothers had sent her on after her father's death would ease the greyness from her life. What she did not count on was that Black was going to bring the color back. To be specific, the very sexy Kent Black. The reclusive owner of the cabin she was staying in, and the light hearted Josie found the color in life came from each other. A very sweet, slow kind of romance.

It Started with a Crush...: It Started with a Crush...Win, Lose...or Wed! (Harlequin Romance)

It Started with a Crush...: It Started with a Crush...Win, Lose...or Wed! - Melissa McClone Ryland James had never looked at Lucy Martin and seen the bloated devastation childhood liver disease had done. He had thought of her as the brave little sister of his friend and protector. He now faced the all grownup Lucy, and her sweet, sexy self was a distraction he did not want. He had escaped the small town lifestyle and was now rich, famous, a world class soccer player. Lucy had to reface the crush from her childhood. Ryland was back in town for a short time, recovering from an injury. She hoped he would help her with her nephew's soccer team, but she did not have much faith in men. Overall, a very nice story. The only thing that seemed off, for me, was the part about Ryland being bullied as a child. There never appeared to be a reason for it. Lucy had weight and health issues, but Ryland appeared healthy, cute, had a nice family. Not sure why he would have been the object for bullies.

It Started with a Crush...: It Started with a Crush...Win, Lose...or Wed! (Harlequin Romance)

It Started with a Crush...: It Started with a Crush...Win, Lose...or Wed! - Melissa McClone Mille Kincaid had tried to prove to her father that she had value, and was capable of being a success by going on a game show and trying to win the heart of "The Groom" Jace Westfall. She fell hard for him, but he very publicly showed his rejection of her and her love. Jace had the responsibilites of his family as his first priority. Millie was sweet, kind, and would need someone to look out for her and help her along. He was not up for that. Having rejected her, he is now her teammate on a new show with the money he needs to save his business and family on the line. Millie and Jace must work together to win. Their very own happiness is at stake. Very Nice

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun - Kat Martin McCall Hawkins is just beginning to feel the desire to live again after the sudden deaths of his wife and daughter four years before. He knows he must go on, but meeting Charity Sinclair throws his world in to a twist. Call finds himself starting to feel, to desire, to want things he does not believe he should have. His survivor's guilt is made even worse when spends more time with Charity and begins back on his business life. Charity has left behind a very successful life to pan for gold in the Yukon. She feels at home there, and finding Call makes her world even better. Fighting with Call's past, and the threats that his past brings, she finds she loves him, but she still returns to Manhattan instead of fighting for him. Some interesting concepts and thoughts. Not sure about the inheridited memories. Seems like a little too much thrown in to the story. Overall, the story works. A little long in spots, but overall ok.

The Gemel Ring (Best of Betty Neels)

The Gemel Ring (Best of Betty Neels) - Betty Neels Charity Dawson might like her nursing career, but Dr. Everard can Tijlen seems to always need her to nurse someone for him. Everard finds charity to be a distraction. A pretty, intelligent, but irritating distraction. He fights to push her away, at the same time, keeping her close. A very lovely story.

Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition (Dark Series)

Dark Prince  - Christine Feehan Wonderful! Raven has brought Mikhail in to this century as well as bringing color to his world. Mikhail might be a centuries-old Carpathian, but dealing with a modern day American woman can be very trying. Mikhail and Raven are a well matched pair.

Alessandro's Prize (Harlequin Presents)

Alessandro's Prize - Helen Bianchin A very, very slow story. More info about the food made than about the characters. Liliana Parisi is back in Milan and back in the life of Alessandro Del Marco. Al grownup, Lily has returned to Milan to try and get her life back on track after finding out about her cheating, no ex, fiance. Having to face Alessandro is difficult. More so because she is drawn to him, but knows he is more man then she can handle.

Tempting the Texas Tycoon (Desire Lp)

Tempting the Texas Tycoon - Sara Orwig Noah Brand wants the Cabrera leather business as his own. Meeting Faith Cabrera might have put a halt to that, but now he has his sights on her. Faith grew up with the feud between the families strong on her mind. Having Noah in her life is a complication she is not sure she wants. Finding out she is having his baby and in love with him makes her family loyalities even more divided. A nice enough story. A little bland in spots, but overall ok.

Emma's Wedding (Best of Betty Neels)

Emma's Wedding - Betty Neels Yes, light, fluffy reading at it's best. Emma Dawson has already been through the trauma of losing her father and finding out that she and her mother are broke. Selling everything and moving to a remote town was their only option. Trying to get her selfish mother to realize the extent of their money troubles, Emma stuggled to make ends meet. Meeting Dr. Roele van Dyke turned out to be the best thing to happen to her. Emma believed she was just going to be his secretary, but he had other plans. After the sudden death of her mother, Roele proposed marriage. Marrying him would give Emma the security she needed, and him the opportunity to get her to fall in love with him.