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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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An Indecent Proposition (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback]

An Indecent Proposition (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback] - Carol Marinelli Marginally better than the first book of The Secrets of Xanos. Still not a very good read. Just OK. Zander Kargas is out for revenge against his identical twin brother, Nico Eliades. He believes the worldly PA he talks to on the phone can help him exact that revenge, but Charlotte Edwards is simply playing a role and projecting a sophisticated image while caring for her ill mother.


Dangerous - Diana Palmer Well...I finished it. Very fast paced. Lots of 'stuff' and 'fluff' involved. Kilraven wants to find out who murdered his 3-year-old daughter. His best option, in his opinion, is to plan a real aka fake wedding with Winnie Sinclair. Winnie loves him, she'll do anything. Lots of extra things constantly going on. Lots of things introduced then dropped. Overall, just glad to have it done.

The Devil and Miss Jones (Harlequin Presents Extra) [Mass Market Paperback]

The Devil and Miss Jones (Harlequin Presents Extra) [Mass Market Paperback] - Kate Walker I don't know, but I seem to have missed much in this story. Miss Martha Jones runs out on her cheating bridegroom moments before her wedding and runs off with Carlos 'Diablo' Ortega. Her one night stand ends with him walking out with the statement virgins are clingy and leaves her alone, and pregnant. Of course, she had snooped and found out who he really was so was able to contact his grandfather, who tracked him down and brought him home. Martha tells Carlos she is pregnant, he wants to marry, she doesn't. Thru the very few moments they actually talked, didn't have sex, she supposedly taught him all about love and family. Not sure where all that happened, but that's what he says. Overall, the story was OK. Not too believable. Not very exciting.

Just Down the Road

Just Down the Road - Jodi Thomas Lots of twists and turns in the lives of the people of Harmony. Tinch Turner wants death, but finds new love and life in Doctor Addison Spencer and his own, unknown little nephew, Jamie. Finding he could not join his long dead wife, Lori Anne, he has to face the fact she will never come back and he must live again. Reagan Truman faces the death of her uncle, and the hidden secrets of hre past to finally find love with Tyler Wright. A thrilling story.

The Argentinian's Solace (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback]

The Argentinian's Solace (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback] - Melanie Milburne,  Susan Stephens,  Julia James,  Jacqueline Baird Not much to say about this one. Probably closer to 2.5 stars than 3. Has an Ok story line, but no big grab me moments. All the emotion seems purely surface level. Diego is a wounded warrior who has secluded himself on the family island. He has spent a year trying to recover from his polo riding injury to his leg. Maxie is the wedding planner for his brother's fiancee.

Texas Brides: The Rancher & The Runaway BrideThe Bluest Eyes In Texas

Texas Brides: The Rancher & The Runaway Bride\The Bluest Eyes In Texas - Joan Johnston Jake Creed needs a wife to help him raise his daughter, and to care for his crippled father-in-law. He has buried the woman he loved, along with his stillborn son. He can not go thru another disatrious delivery. He figures if he never makes love to his mail-order bride, she will never die on him. Miranda Wentworth has faced disaster before. The loss of her parents to the Great Chicago Fire had left her scarred, and she and her fellow siblings abused in an orphanage. Becoming the wife of Jake Creed and moving to Texas would have been the answer to her prayers, but she could only bring her two little brothers with her. Her three sisters remained at the orphange waiting for her to send for them. Really fast paced and wonderful story.

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (Harlequin Presents)

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge - Lynne Graham Sheikh Karim al Safir is the next in line to be the King of his country. He has always done what is expected, what is required, and what is needed for him to become a successful ruler one day. Part of his duty was to spare his father from the self-destructive life his late brother had lead. Cleaning up after Rami's worldwide jaunt before his death leads him to Las Vegas and the one place his brother had seemed to set down roots. Instead, he finds Rami had left behind a son. Rachel Donnelly had spent a lifetime looking after her sister. When her sister, Suki, hooked up with Rami, had his son, then left him with Rachel, Rachel raised him as her own. Having Karim show up and threaten to take him away was more than she could stand. I enjoyed the story. Two very different people, but with very similar family histories find that opening oneself up to love is sometimes all it takes.

Innocent in the Ivory Tower (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback]

Innocent in the Ivory Tower (Harlequin Presents) [Mass Market Paperback] - Lucy Ellis A very enjoyable story. Maisy is much more than the nanny for orphaned little Kostya. Maisy has been with him since he was born, caring for him, loving him, and raising him. Her friend from school, Anais and her husband, Leo were the high-flying, rich types with rare chances to stay home and raise their son. After their unexpected deaths, Alexei came and took her by storm. Alexei knew his godson belonged with him. Terrified of a real relationship, he tries to place Maisy in to his life at a distance, but she refused to be boxed.

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (Marriage By Command)

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge - Lynne Graham A little dark and depressing at times, but overall I liked the story. Vitale has always blamed Zara's father for the tragic death of his sister. He seduces Zara, causing her new engagement to a billionaire her father needed to invest in his company to break things off. Both Zara and Vitale had terrible childhoods. Both were abused, physically and emotionally, and were still able to overcome that to find a love for each other.

New York to Dallas (In Death, No. 33)

New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) - J.D. Robb I absolutely adore the interaction between Roarke and Eve. Eve is brought back to the first real case that helped define who she would become. The escape of Isaac McQueen triggers events to take her back to the childhood nightmare of her father, and mother, and back to her namesake, Dallas. With Roarke by her side, she faces her demons, as well as his, and builds a stronger vision of herself, family, and love.

First Blood

First Blood - David Morrell Yes, up for a little bit of a different read. The introduction in to post-Vietnam vet John Rambo and his struggle to get back in to every day civilian life. Strange to see the trama he had sufferred and what we now know as PSTD was so unknown then. A very thrilling story.

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth - Diana Palmer;Joan Elliott Pickart;Elizabeth Lowell Three stories of discovery, love, and passion. All different, but each one having a very satisfying theme.

Upon a Midnight Clear: A Delightful Collection Of Heartwarming Holiday St

Upon a Midnight Clear: A Delightful Collection Of Heartwarming Holiday St - Jude Deveraux, Linda Howard, Mariah Stewart, Margaret Allison Five short stories. None a super great. Most, just ok. There is no rhtyum between the stories, and none stand out for me.

The Awakened Heart

The Awakened Heart - Betty Neels Yes, love and romance sneeks up on Sophie as she gets to know Dr. Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma. Rijk falls for her at first sight, but Sophie is not a woman to be rushed. Between multiple trips abroad, Rijk works his way in to marriage with Sophie, even before he is sure of her heart. My favorite kind of light, elegant romance.

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark - Dee Davis The mystery of Frank Sinatra. Nope, that's not it. This is the story of Sara Martin finally getting past the death of her husband and young son. The chance to feel again, and to love again. Detective Eric D'Angelo definately makes her feel. Of course, the idea that someone does not want her to move on in that direction. The midnight caller turns out to be an unknown serial killer. Someone that wants Sara for his own. An OK story.

The Money Man's Seduction (Silhouette Desire)

The Money Man's Seduction (Silhouette Desire)(Gifts From A Billionaire series) - Leslie LaFoy Emily had a Secret Santa give her a large sum of money to fulfill a belief she had that senior citizens needs more activities. Cole believed she was trying to bamboozle his grandmother out of her money. A money man himself, he eventually is turned over to her way of thinking, but not before he loses sight of the love right in front of him. Just an OK story.