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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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Western Loving (By Request Series) Volume 7
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A Lady At Last (de Warenne Dynasty)

A Lady At Last - Brenda Joyce La Sauvage is a pirate's daughter. Amanda knows no other life than the one her father gave her. The stories of her mother back in England gave her an idea of polite society, but running wild on her island in Jamaica is were she is happiest. That is until her father is hanged for piracy. Cliff had often seen the young La Sauvage around the island. Saving her from an angry mob as her father is hanged, he realizes she is more than just a child, but a young woman. Taking her back to her mother in England is what is best for her. Amanda loves the sea, and is used to her freedom. Having to learn about the ton and being presented to society is a great fear, but having the possiblilty that her mother will reject her for the savage she is tears her up inside. But it was her papa's dying wish, so she most confront things head on. In the mean time, Cliff is becoming a bigger part of her life. Cliff wants to protect Amanda and provide her with all the comforts she had not had growing up. Having her declare her love for him presents him with a great dilemna. He has vowed to never marry, and she must marry and be happy. Only he really hates all other suitors for her. A very well written story. Very sweet. All de Warene men find rue love, loving once forever.