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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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Samurai Game
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A Long Tall Texan Summer
Diana Palmer
A Long, Tall Texan Summer (The Essential Collection)
Diana Palmer
Scottish Brides
Stephanie Laurens, Christina Dodd, Karen Ranney, Julia Quinn
The Lightkeeper
Susan Wiggs
Loving Mercy
Teresa Bodwell
Silk And Steel
Stephen Alter
Western Loving (By Request Series) Volume 7
Joanna Ross;Susan Fox;Barbara Kaye

Hidden Rapture

Hidden Rapture - Roumelia Lane Lucy has been writing to Robert for months, only, she lead him to believe she was Vivienne in anme and looks. When Robert is close to dying from the debillitating disease he has, his brother pleads for Vivienne to come and make his final days happy. Trent knows that Vivienne is keeping a secret but he still falls in love. A very sweet story.