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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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The Perfect Bride (The Dewarenne Dynasty Series)

The Perfect Bride - Brenda Joyce For her whole life, Sean has protected her and she has loved him. When he left Elle behind to go off and explore what life had open to him, he promised to come back. Four years later, Eleanor is about to marry a man she is very fond of, but her heart still aches for the only man she could truly love, her step-brother Sean. The four years away had destroyed a key part of Sean. Spending two years in a prison pit, fed like a dog, beaten and abused, his mind shattering apart, he manages to escape, only to find Elle has grown to be Eleanor and she is marrying someone else. When she runs after him in her wedding gown, he knows he must take her, just unwilling to face within himself why. A very touching story. The devastation brought to Sean at the hands of an evil man is incredible, but I wish it explained better what happened to Colonel Reed. The courage Elle showed to overcome the grief and guilt inside Sean, to truly free him, is great.