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I am a reader. Been reading since 3. Lean heavily towards romance, but sci-fi, mystery, horror, phone book, encyclopedia, or instruction manual will do in a pinch.

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Maid for the Millionaire (Harlequin Romance)

Maid for the Millionaire (Harlequin Romance) - Susan Meier Liz Harper never thought she would run in to her ex-husband, Cain Nestor, especially her becoming his maid. She had never explained to him why she had left, but Cain believed her knew why. He had never really talked to the woman he had fell in love with, and after the death of his older brother in a car accident where he was driving, he did not know how to reach out to Liz. Liz knew she had changed after their marriage had broken up. She had lost the man she loved, and their child, and never told him, but she knew she must break it to him now so they could both move on. Cain worked with Liz on a charity she worked with for abused women. Coming from an abusive family herself, Liz could relate to what the women were going through and in turn, helped Cain relate to them. Cain was able to see the changes in Liz, and worked to make the changes in himself, and to realize he was not responsible for his brother's death. Finally Cain was able to move on and rejoin his family and to love Liz as the woman she had become. Very seet.